Clan Crests

We supply a range of jewelry Made in Scotland from old fashioned Pewter with a plated finish of Palladium (which will not scratch or tarnish), supplied by Art Pewter. All are supplied attractively packaged with general historical notes.

The art of the Celt is the only indigenous British art form of world significance, yet until relatively recently it has been largely ignored. Many of our Jewelry designs incorporate endless Celtic Interlacing, with its "over's and under's" representing the "ups and downs" of life; and the unbroken continuity of the endless ribbon symbolizes the hope of eternal life. As such, they are considered by many as a talisman of long life.

The Scottish Thistle is an instantly recognizable symbol of Scotland, adopted over 700 years ago when, according to legend, it was responsible for signalling the clandestine approach of a horde of bare-footed invaders! Its intrinsic aesthetic quality and balance command universal appeal, whether or not "...the blood is strong" or, "...the heart is highland". Many of our Jewelry pieces have been inspired by this Scottish emblem.

Furthermore some of our designs are inspired by the simple beauty of Celtic patterns adorning the standing stones in the West Highlands. The designs owe much of their perfection and beauty to the peculiarly British use of mathematical formula in Celtic art.